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Olive Oasis Strategy: A Vision for Peace in Gaza

12 enero, 2024

Reflecting under the serene skies of Costa Rica, I contemplate a unique solution for post-war Gaza. Drawing inspiration from the concept of buffer states that shaped nations like Belgium and Uruguay, I propose a two-state solution within Gaza, potentially offering insights for broader regional challenges such as those in Cisjordania.

State A – Salamia: Bordering Egypt and Israel, Salamia is designed to blend security with opportunity, creating a stable zone to deter extremism and foster growth. Its name, derived from the Arabic “Salam” for peace, symbolizes harmony and stability.

State B – Azuria: Primarily along the Mediterranean coast, Azuria focuses on maritime trade and connectivity. The name ‘Azuria’ evokes the azure blue of the Mediterranean, symbolizing openness and prosperity.

The “Olive Oasis Strategy” aims to specialize and harmonize, not to divide. It seeks innovative coexistence methods, ensuring autonomy for each state while fostering mutually beneficial relationships. This approach could be key to unlocking peace and stability, not just in Gaza but potentially in other regions like Cisjordania.

From the perspective of Costa Rica, a nation known for its commitment to peace, I share this proposal with the world as a viable path towards a peaceful and prosperous future in Gaza.

The success of the ‘Olive Oasis Strategy’ hinges on comprehensive support from the international community, including the UN, coupled with the active involvement of Gaza’s inhabitants. This global commitment in areas such as reconstruction, economy, security, and legality, together with local empowerment, will ensure an effective transition to stability and prosperity in Salamia and Azuria. And this might be very good for the current world: a reason to unite, for a cause worthy of it.

Salamia and Azuria could implement a system of direct democracy with international oversight to ensure freedom and security. Governance will be mixed, respecting autonomy and backed by non-aggression pacts. Agreements for cooperation and joint development projects with neighboring countries will prioritize economic integration and a culture of peace. This approach will foster coexistence and progress while respecting the autonomy of both states.

With the Olive Oasis Strategy, we envision a future where collaboration across diverse sectors paves the way for peace and progress in Gaza. This strategy signifies our commitment to multisectoral cooperation for global challenges.

🌐✨ The “Olive Oasis Strategy” offers a pragmatic approach to peace in Gaza, drawing on the historical success of buffer states. As we strive for a harmonious future, I invite you to engage with this proposal and contribute to a meaningful dialogue for change. Together, we can turn this vision of stability and coexistence into a reality. 🕊️🤝


  • Let’s build peace together 🕊️🤝
  • Construyamos la paz juntos 🕊️🤝 (Spanish)
  • بناء السلام معا. 🕊️🤝 (Arabic) 
  • בואו נבנה שלום יחד. 🕊️🤝 (Hebrew)
  • 让我们一起建设和平。🕊️🤝 (Chinese – Simplified)
  • みんなで平和を築こう。🕊️🤝 (Japanese)
  • Давайте вместе строить мир 🕊️🤝 (Russian)
  • Construisons la paix ensemble  🕊️🤝 (French)
  • Lass uns gemeinsam Frieden bauen 🕊️🤝 (German)
  • Costruiamo insieme la pace 🕊️🤝 (Italian)




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