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Is this the moment for your digital transformation? Visit Costa Rica!

7 junio, 2020

This talks about some people, organizations and a little paradise that decided to transform themselves into technological giants.

First, yes! The answer to the question in the title is yes! Because right now there are a lot of things that the giants called globalization and technology can do for you, so you can achieve your goals and fly if you life the digital transformation this age needs. So, let’s see more about this.

The possibilities:

This age

Humanity has been seeing this gigantic level of innovation, of technology transformation and of changes. This movement, and the new virus, is an opportunity to grow for you and your organization. But of course it also could be a gigantic enemy if we ignore it. So, we should take advantage of this situation, so we can help a lot of people.

This is great for our careers, companies, and countries, because we can generate a positive impact in the entire world, in a relatively short time. So we can reap the fruit of our contribution, of course.

This is good!

Any country can find his own space in the new world economy, a company can offer appropriate products to an almost global market or some professional from a tropical paradise like Costa Rica gives high-quality technical services to the American market.

This provides many tools that can help you. You can find a paid tool that can help you with almost any problem you can have when you are working for your objectives. Why? Because there are thousands of people creating tools that solve one simple problem, using the lean startup methodology.


Disruptive technologies

Now you can achieve big objectives if you can find the correct strategies for that, because there are a lot of tools you can use, and that’s because the growth of the new technologies we can see in our time. For example:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Quantum computing
  • 3d printing.
  • Nanotechnology in medicine…
  • By the way, all the sciences of life.
  • The democratization and consolidation of, for example, Web and mobile development.
  • Concepts as, for example, sharing economy, lean startup methodology and user experience.
New kind of professionals

So, this is our time…your time. Your personal brand can grow to a gigantic height. There are not many reasons why you don’t have a personal Website. Also, are you using for that at least Linkedin, Instagram Youtube and Are you doing networking? Are you analysing the results of your digital tools?

A lot of professionals have a dream job thanks to the Internet, countries as Estonia, Israel and Singapore are transforming themselves as technological giants and thousands of companies are selling to a global market…because of this. So, it’s possible and urgent.

Some ideas:


Now, let’s talk about your own startup. Let’s try to innovate and make a change in the world with your own new digital company. But even if you are a big company or a government institution, you must be trying to innovate for your market so you can continue being really relevant in the age after the COVID-19 problem.

Different kinds of organizations

I am the vice-rector of technology at a university and I created a framework for Digital Transformation, called Innova City. So, I will give you some advices:

  • If you are a bank, you must invest in fintech, learn about the blockchain applications and digital banking and transformation. Also in IA so you can prevent risks. We can help you with this.
  • If you are a public institution, you should be trying to apply the startup methodology in your services, so you can optimize them. Also about IA, Big data and, again, blockchain and digital transformation, including UX, please.
  • Any kind of big company you may be, probably you should try to invest almost all you can in innovation and, especially, in use of all the advantages the technology may give you. Because most of your direct and indirect competitors are doing that.
  • If you are a church or an NPO, maybe you should invest in using the technology to expand your message in this age of the COVID-19.
  • Almost any kind of organization you may be, of course you should have a marketing strategy that includes a professional Website and professional social management. But that’s only a part of what does your organization may need. The science and innovation must be important for you.
  • A good technical example of the minimum digital kit you may have as a big organization:
    • You can contract a team that develops for you a well-designed Website, maybe based in a Content Management System like Drupal, receiving people from the appropriate social networks and from searchers as Google and Bing.
    • That Website will have a backend hosted in Azure or A.W.S. You will study the data of the database and use I.A. so you can optimize your decisions and your service.
    • This backend will be connected with a multiplatform app in Xamarin (I mean, in .net Core, so it works in Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, SmartWatch, etc), so you can obtain access to the devices of the people you need.
    • All of this should include chatbots and give real value, as a part of a global strategy.
    • Use methodologies as Lean Startup, Scrum, Design Thinking and Blue Ocean in your life. You can fly.

For a person

But that’s for the organizations. But this is the secret: the change begins with you. The change must be in each person first: in all the people in an organization.

Let’s go to be a good friend and not the prey of the giant. You can also invest in the companies and startups of other people. There are different ways, like with ICO’s, in new companies in Wall Street or as an angel investor. Or in a startup of a friend.

A good provider:

Costa Rica right now

This country offers you all this stuff. From Web development to Artificial Intelligence. Because another idea is to take advantage of the gigantic potential of growing economies that have the ideal conditions: as political stability, peace, and a high level in education, health, technology development and professionals but cheaper than in the USA.

Yes, I said health. Costa Rica has years with a life expectancy like Japon´s, almost. For example, three months after the first person with COVID-19 in Costa Rica, this country has only 1000 people with the virus. Also, of course sadly, 12 deads. But this number is absolutely more successful than all the other health systems in the The Americas.

The land of the “pure life” is also the older democracy of the continent (except the USA). You can contract in Costa Rica a team lead or a complete team or company. We also have some technology universities and a solid startup community. I mean, Costa Rica’s main export is medical devices, of different kinds.

The paradise?

So, Costa Rica (rich coast, but in Spanish) is not only a natural paradise for medical tourism, surf, a leader in social indices and the producer of the best coffee. But a little giant: it is an ecological but powerful economy, based principally in services, life sciences and in the development of technology. With a wonderful people.

From Costa Rica, big companies and even startups export integrated circuits, financial and education services, etc. There are big installations of Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Accenture, etc.

Also, Costa Rica is one of the better places to visit after the pandemy, for many reasons. Would you like to visit Costa Rica and talk about all this? I would like to call you. Imagine that maybe someday, we both can drink a cup of coffee, coding in a beach in the paradise.

Costa Rica Digital:

Our startup

Begin to invest time and money to learn more about all these things, including in systems and institutions with vision. This is the moment to do it and CRDigital can help you with this…

So, I lead an alliance to transform Costa Rica into a rich country, with innovation. In this group there are private, public, academic and international participants. Working with the Lean Startup methodology.

How can we help you?

We can help you to work with Costa Rica. For example, we are designing with an US university an innovation city that are going to lead the digital transformation of Latin America, from Costa Rica. We are going to lead the development of innovation centers in Costa Rica and in the region, in disruptive technologies. By the way, this is our flag:

Also, we are working in these ways:

  • Leading digital transformation processes.
  • Advance medical devices. By the way, we have these products:

  • Aerospace industry, as spacecraft and aircraft devices.
  • Innovation and employment generation. Including in cities far from the capital.
  • Digital developments, as Web and mobile design and development, data analysis and services based in artificial intelligence or blockchain.
  • Modernization and digitalization of the Costa Rican state.
  • Participation of technological productive sectors in national politics.
  • Expansion and consolidation of alliances for the modernization of all the Latin American countries.
  • Education. We have an startup about this (MyBlessU), and the help of some universities, including this one, which has presence in more than 10 countries. 
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Sustainable development. Because of this:

I mean, if you have problems, let’s talk about how the technology can help you. If so, if you need help with Web or mobile development, in studies in digital technologies or in medical devices, let’s talk.

Let’s stay close:

May I help you with something? We can talk about how to invest in the digital world or in life sciences. We can help you from face masks and gloves, to a digital transformation process.

Also, if you want to make a donation to the startup that wants to transform Costa Rica and all of Latin America into a innovation land, by providing services and technology for a better world, so you can help us through the Paypal account.

If you help us, we are going to give you free access to a course in English of Digital Transformation in Inter.University. Also, we are going to create a campaign in Kickstarter.


Best regards,


Master Efraín G.B.

Entrepreneur, professor, programmer and digital experiences developer.


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